Why do you need protective earmuffs for your children?

First, Hearing loss is a permanent condition impacting millions and millions of Americans with over 200,000 new cases reported each year.

Second, Children don’t have the world around them like you and I do. They are far more sensitive to noises, and they could hear much higher-pitched sounds than others can. Their hearing are too valuable and to easily damaged.

It is advisable to offer your cutie pies better hearing protection.

ZOHAN EM030 – designed with autism in mind.

  • ABS
  • Imported
  • Concept: Hearing protectors don’t have to be “Ugly”, they could be cute and cool. Fit toddlers to young teens.Moreover, backed by ZOHAN 1-YEAR-WARRANTY.If you have any questions, just feel free to contact us
  • Upgraded Products: Our kids earmuffs DON’T have any metal parts which might potentially hurt your children.Besides, rather than ear plugs, these muffs are truly over-ear design which provides more comfort, also no swallow hazards for your kids
  • Effective Hearing Protection: Design for children who have sensory issues and need extra hearing protection. And these are perfect for air shows, monster jam, concerts, fireworks, travel, sports events, etc
  • Cautions: ZOHAN EM030 hearing protection muffs could not block all/most noise. But they do reduce noise which might be harmful to your kids. The NRR(Noise Reduction Rating) is 22dB. For Example, The environment noise level as measured at the air is 92dBA; the NRR is 22 Decibles(dB); then the level of noise enter to your ear is approximately equal to 70dbA. These headphones do protect your kids’ hearing
  • ONE MORE THING: Safety earmuffs which block all/most sound might be dangerous to your kids. If your kids wear that kind of earmuffs, please ensure that they are supervised. Please be extra careful outdoors, or in any situations where the inbaility to hear all sounds might present a safety risks