Snug Baby Earmuffs, Best Toddler & Infant Hearing Protection

Protect Your Baby’s Hearing

Babies have sensitive, developing ears and loud noises can cause fear, pain or even permanent hearing damage. Designed to address this problem, the Snug Baby Earmuffs feature a noise reduction rating of SNR 23Db to effectively block out loud noise, while still allowing softer ambient sounds.

Soft, Comfortable Design Designed with the sensitivity of a baby’s features in mind, each ear cushion on these muffs is filled with thick, soft padding to comfortably protect and insulate. These earmuffs are suitable for babies aged 3 months and up.

Durable & Long-Lasting Made from high quality materials, the Snug Baby Earmuffs are built to be reliable throughout your baby?s infancy. Kids grow so fast that in all likelihood, they’ll be around longer than you need them to be!

Helps Improve Infant Sleep Quality. It’s important that your baby sleep soundly and peacefully to get the rest he or she needs. When wearing these earmuffs, you can be sure that your baby is protected from any loud, sudden, or disruptive noise at night.

Versatile, Portable Earmuffs A lightweight design means you can take these earmuffs with you anywhere, and that they?re easy on your baby’s head and neck. Use the Snug Baby Earmuffs at concerts, fireworks displays, sports games, or any loud events. They’re also perfect for around the house if noisy appliances like vacuums, blenders or power tools are in use.

Snug Baby Earmuffs – specially designed for kids with autism.

  • Protect your baby’s sensitive hearing anytime, anywhere! We equipped the Snug Baby Earmuffs with powerful noise reduction technology, making them the perfect defense against loud, disruptive, or dangerous noise. They pass both USA and European safety tests.
  • Perfect for loud events. You can use these high quality baby earmuffs at concerts, fireworks displays, and sports games. They are also great for airplanes and noisy home appliances like lawnmowers or vacuums.
  • Help your baby sleep better and longer! With industry leading noise reduction your infant won’t hear disruptive sounds at night that could disturb their sleep.
  • Featuring a soft and comfortable baby-friendly design, these earmuffs are manufactured with a baby’s small, sensitive head and ears in mind. Suitable for babies aged from newborn and up.
  • Lightweight and durable, you can take these earmuffs with you anywhere. They have convenient portability and sure to last your for years to come.

Customers say

Customers like the fit, performance, and color of the earmuffs. For example, they mention that it fits nicely, works well, and is cute looking. That said, some complain about the smell and cleanliness. Opinions are mixed on quality and noise canceling.