Loop Engage Plus


Loop Engage Plus Ear Plugs – designed with autism in mind. Offering comfortable noise reduction, these earplugs prioritize sensory comfort and protection in loud environments for individuals seeking tranquility.

  • CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY – These earplugs are the result of extensive research & development, combining an innovative acoustic channel and a newly-engineered filter for more engaging conversations.
  • LOW-LEVEL NOISE REDUCTION – Like other Loop products, Loop Engage Plus qualify as Certified Hearing Protection. Engage provides low-level protection, meaning they block out the excess sound without affecting the things you need to hear (like your own voice). They have a noise reduction rating (SNR) of 16 with an additional 5 dB available on demand with Loop Mute.
  • ECHO-FREE SPEECH – Loop Plus address a challenge frequently faced by regular earplug wearers: that echoey, head-underwater feeling known as ‘occlusion’. Loop Engage Plus earplugs limit the occlusion effect, helping you interact with others more freely.
  • PERFECT FIT – All Loop earplugs are designed with both style and maximum comfort in mind. Every set comes with ear tips in 4 sizes: XS, S, M & L to help you find the perfect fit. Also included are 1 Carry Case, a set of Loop Mute and extra foam ear tips. If your earplugs feel tight or uncomfortable, try a size smaller. If they don’t reduce noise sufficiently, try going a size up.
  • SUSTAINABLE & REUSABLE – Loop Engage Plus earplugs come in eco-friendly packaging and, like all Loop products, are washable and intended for long-term, repeated use.